FalcoIon Science is highlighting the suitability of its newly launched Falco series of fixed continuous PIDs (photoionisation detectors) for monitoring a wide range of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in condensing atmospheres and severe weather conditions.

Falco’s ‘typhoon’ technology prevents condensation forming on the sensor eliminating the risk of short circuit and making the instrument ideal for harsh conditions and wet outdoor environments, without the need for weather enclosures. Other potential Falco applications include monitoring the headspace of refinery wastewater streams for excessive hydrocarbon contamination and measuring the effluents of activated carbon systems used to treat contaminated water.


Read the latest Press Release:PR-56 Condensing or humid atmospheres are no sweat for newly launched Ion Science Falco fixed PID

Please download the full Technical Application Article: TA-07 Falco Fixed PID for Condensing Atmospheres UK V1.1