TigerLeading independent site investigation, geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy, Southern Testing, has opted to use our handheld Tiger PIDs to measure VOCs in the field.

Recommended by our exclusive UK distributor, Shawcity, as a replacement for equipment that was no longer  supported by its manufacturer, the revolutionary Tiger instruments enable Southern Testing to make an assessment of risk associated with ground-borne vapour, and also to screen soil samples, which then allows them to make the best use of their laboratory analysis budgets.

According to Dr. Lawrence Mockett, Director at the Sussex-based consultancy, the ground vapour is measured in monitoring wells, while soil samples are screened by headspace, with the equipment used four or five times each week at various sites around the UK.

He says: “The Tiger’s reliability, ruggedness and in-built humidity resistance are all key benefits to us. We frequently encounter high humidity conditions so it enables us to obtain reliable data where other equipment has previously failed.”

Download the full article: Ion Science Southern Testing September 2015