TigerAs a result of feedback from our customers, we have introduced a new short probe for our range of well-proven, handheld Tiger VOC detectors.

Listening to those customers who regularly use our popular Tiger PID across global occupational health and environmental monitoring applications has resulted in a series of enhancements to the standard short probe supplied with our Tiger and Tiger LT models.

Featuring a more robust design for increased sideways impact resistance, our new probe is easier to service and can be directly connected to Luer devices, which are commonly used in the medical device market, and now accepts 4mm and ¼ inch ID pipe push fit. We have also developed a new leak-proof seal that remains within the filter cap.

All new Tiger and Tiger LT instruments will now be manufactured using this latest system comprising Probe, Seal and Filter Clamp, but it can also be retrofitted to existing devices. We have also created kits that allow older instruments to be upgraded.

Make sure you download the latest versions of the Tiger LT and Tiger Manual which includes this change.

Download the Technical Bulletin: TB-166 Improvements to the Tiger probe

Download the full article: PR-50 Ion Science enhances Tiger VOC detectors following customer research