Latest success attributed to launch of Falco series of fixed continuous VOC monitors and MiniPID 2 sensor

FalcoFurther reinforcing its position at the forefront of gas detection instrumentation for global occupational health and environmental monitoring applications, Ion Science has doubled sales of its high performance fixed photoionisation detectors (PIDs) compared to 2015. This latest success is being attributed to the launch of the company’s Falco series of fixed continuous volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors and MiniPID 2 sensor earlier this year.

Duncan Johns, Managing Director at Ion Science comments: “We continue to see the industry respond favourably to our latest innovations in gas detection instrumentation. This increase in sales of our fixed PIDs reflects the breadth of knowledge in the business and the proven success of our sensor technology. It also underlines our commitment to driving new product development for the on-going protection of workers, plant and the environment. Finishing the year in such a great position provides an excellent platform for further growth in 2017” he concludes.

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