Company news
15th December 2016

Ion Science doubles sales of fixed photoionisation detectors!

Latest success attributed to launch of Falco series of fixed continuous VOC monitors and MiniPID 2 sensor Further reinforcing its position at the forefront of gas detection instrumentation for global…
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Benzene detection
28th November 2016

Detecting benzene in hazardous areas

Benzene is an industrial chemical commonly found throughout the petrochemical industry. It is extremely hazardous and a recognised human carcinogen so it’s essential that sub parts per million (ppm) benzene…
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Brochures & ManualsPID SensorTitan
26th July 2016

Titan and MiniPID 2 brochure and manual updates

We have recently made updates to the following instrument brochure and manuals. To ensure you are up to date with the latest versions of our documentation we recommend that you…
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PID Sensor
5th July 2016

Enhancements to MiniPID 2 sensor for exceptional lifetime performance!

As part of our on-going strategy to continue delivering the best performing PIDs (photoionisation detectors) in the industry, we have introduced several ground-breaking enhancements to our recently launched MiniPID 2 sensor. The most significant…
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PID Sensor
11th February 2016

ION Science refocus on MiniPID 2 sensor

Ion Science is refocusing on its range of MiniPID (miniature photoionisation detection) sensors during 2016. As part of this latest R&D initiative, the company is set to introduce a series of enhancements…
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